About Me

I am a work from home mom with twins plus one. I am Canadian, and currently live in Ontario, but I've spent many years in Australia and Scotland and I often even confuse myself.


I am an online communications and creative media director by day with over 10 years of professional design experience... when I'm not wiping someone's butt.


You can find me ranting and swearing on Twitter about any given topic @LadyEdotMe. If you are offended by blasphemy, liberals, Pro-choice and mention of the words dildo, cunt, or wet bajingo, you probably shouldn't follow me. Whatever I cannot fit in 140 characters will be posted on my new Tumblr. Yay!


If you would like me to do a guest post, please contact me through email or Twitter. I'm usually pretty lazy... err... busy, but if the topic tweaks my interest, I might actually write something! You never know.

The Twitter

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